Who we are?

Cliff IT Solutions is an Identity Management and Security governance solutions provider for onsite and cloud applications that helps organizations to enforce security by reducing risk and maximize their profitability. At Cliff IT, we provide an end to end integration of industry leading enterprise Identity access management products and cloud based applications.

Cliff IT Solutions believes in transforming your ideas into quality products by delivering services via cutting edge technologies and domain area expertise. We believe that our products and services are delivered with the highest quality from its initiation through execution and providing support. We believe in teamwork and collaborating and that’s how Cliff IT Solutions develop partnerships with stakeholders and clients. We strive to work together by implementing agile all the way across the value chain.

We hire and deliver highly experienced, and professional consultants that help our clients to improve their information systems and application security with the up to date business processes. We are a customer-focused company and we help our clients to connect to other vendors and business leaders effectively so that they stay abreast with dynamic market conditions and help them to take effective decisions.