We are a company where everybody counts and makes a difference. Innovation is welcome and hard work rewarded. Working with Cliff IT Solutions. means not only a challenging and rewarding environment but also, exposure to the most exciting projects worldwide. We are committed to foster professional growth and knowledge expansion of our people, since we thrive on their competencies and professional ambitions.

Cliff IT is dedicated to help organizations, and non-profits with a primary goal to provide cost-effective, non-compromise quality, and lightning solutions. We offer the following cloud consulting services:

  • Train clients/users in cloud computing
  • Assist them in migrating to cloud
  • Analyze current client base, sales and then recommend the cloud solution
  • Design and Implement
  • Integrate and decommission their traditional/legacy applications
  • Implement cost effective Data migration
  • Assist clients in custom application development using
  • Implement best practices throughout the processes
  • Provide 360*24*7 production and technical support